How can I book a ticket?

Travellers can book their tickets through our online booking system on www.m2mferries.com or call us on +91 8291902662 and our team will help you with your booking. Tickets are also available for purchase through our ticketing counters located at both the terminals on a first come first served basis.

Can I turn up at the port and buy a ticket on the day?

Yes, as long as the tickets are available. However, we recommend booking your tickets online prior to arriving at the terminals to secure tickets.

Will I receive a booking confirmation?

Yes, a booking confirmation will be sent to your email address once the booking is completed.

Can I take my pet?

Yes, of course you can travel with your pets on board M2M-1! We have created a dedicated area on our ferry, where you and your furry friends can relax comfortably, enjoying the ocean vibes.

Can I book more than 1 Vehicle / Vehicle type on one reservation?

Yes. Simply select the number of vehicles travelling as part of your booking and our system will automatically update the fares accordingly.

Can I book more than 1 type of seating under one reservation?

No. However, when booking a roundtrip, you can choose which seating category you’d like to travel in for your onward journey and which for return.

Will I receive tickets before travel?

You won’t receive tickets from us, but feel free to print off your confirmation if you prefer to have something to refer to when you arrive for your trip. Otherwise, you can simply show us the QR code / booking id from your booking confirmation when you arrive for your trip.

Is there parking at the port?

There is a vehicle waiting area at both terminals for passengers travelling with their vehicles. However, there is no dedicated parking for our foot passengers. If long term guaranteed parking is required, you are required to make your own arrangements.

How to get to the port?

You will find everything you need on our "How to get there” page, including directions and address details. If you require further assistance, please contact us on +91 8291902662 and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I cancel my booking? How much it will cost, and will I get a refund?

Yes, you absolutely can! Please have a look at the table below to see what applies for you.


Skoda Kushaq Zone

Skoda Octavia Deck

Skoda Superb Lounge

Time Prior to Departure


Date / Time Modification


Date / Time Modification


Date / Time Modification

Under 24 hours prior to departure

No refund

No modification

No refund

No modification

No refund

Modification with a 15% surcharge

Between 24 and 72 hours prior to departure

No refund

Modification with a 50% surcharge

40% refund

Modification with a 40% surcharge

60% refund

Modification with a 10% surcharge

4 to 15 days prior to departure

50% refund

Modification with a 25% surcharge

60% refund

Modification with a 20% surcharge

70% refund

Modification with no surcharge

*For bookings more than 25 passengers please contact info@m2mferries.com

If I miss my sailing, can I get on another ferry?

If you do not show up in time, you may purchase a ticket for the next available trip on the same day at a 50 % surcharge or it shall be treated as a no show where no refund would be applicable.

Are my tickets transferable?

No, tickets are non transferable and passengers must carry a valid government issued photo ID while travelling on M2M Ferries.

What are your contact details?

You can find all our contact details at our Contact Uspage.

What if I lose something on the ferry?

If you’ve lost something on your travels there’s a lost property office at both our terminals for things lost onboard or at the terminals. Call +91 8291902662 during our office hours for assistance. Please note, lost items are stored only for a limited time before being disposed of. More details are available in our Terms and Conditions.

How many bags am I allowed to carry onboard? How many kgs?

● Only one item of hand luggage per person is permitted into the common areas of the ship.

● Passengers with no vehicle, may store one suitcase per person for no extra charge in the luggage stowage. Additional luggage will be charged as per the tariff.

● Furniture, boxes, large suitcases, etc. not stored in a vehicle are considered cargo. Kindly contact us in advance for tariff rates and bookings.

Please can I have a GST receipt for my booking?

Currently, GST is not applicable on ferry tickets.

What things are not allowed to be carried on the ship?

The following are examples of items that guests are not allowed to bring on-board. These and other similar items will be confiscated upon being found. Illegal drugs, flammable liquids, explosives and dangerous chemicals, firearms & ammunition, including realistic replicas, sharp objects, including knives and scissors, candles & incense sticks (agarbattis), self-defence gear including handcuffs, pepper spray, night sticks, flammable liquids and explosives, including lighter fluid and fireworks, HAM radios, electrical extension cords and multi pin plugs. Complete details of non-permissible items are available in our Terms and Conditions.

Is there a CCTV camera on the ship?

For everyone’s safety on board CCTV cameras are fitted on board the vessel and surveillance is on 24/7.

How safe is travelling by ship?

The safety of our passengers is our highest priority, and as a passenger and vehicle ship we comply with Administration Rules and regulations covering every aspect of ship construction, operation, navigation, maritime security, etc.

How will I know about the safety and evacuation procedure?

On boarding, please pay close attention to the safety briefing announcements and Evacuation Procedures. Also, there are safety instructions at various points on the ship.

May I take my children onboard the ferry?

Yes, we welcome children of all ages. An adult must accompany children on board at all times. You are free to move around the ship within the designated areas as per your ticket with your children, and we encourage the "reach out and touch policy" - you should be able to reach out and touch your child at all times. For safety purposes, passengers are not allowed to stand on seats, or sit at the bow of the boat. In consideration of other tour passengers, we request you to take a distraught, noisy child to a quieter area of the boat while you console him/her. Please inform our crew members if they can be of any further assistance.

How safe is the ferry during monsoons?

The ferry is designed to withstand operating in all weather conditions, and we will be sailing during monsoons. In case of severe weather conditions, the voyage will be cancelled / rescheduled at the operator’s discretion.

How is fire safety taken care of on the ship?

Regulations regarding Fire Safety are strictly followed on the ferry. Escape routes and fire protection systems are in place. The crew is trained for procedures to be followed in case of emergency.

Are there enough life jackets in case of emergency?

Yes. There are a sufficient number of life jackets with instructions on how to wear them. In case of emergency, the crew will also assist you in locating and wearing the life jackets.

Is smoking allowed on the ship?

Smoking is strictly prohibited onboard and in the terminal area. Nonadherence can lead to penalties as directed in our Terms and Conditions.

Are there any meals are included in my ticket?

No meals are included in the ticket. Beverages and meals may be purchased from the cafeteria present onboard.

Can I bring some food and water with me?

Outside food and drinks are NOT allowed.

Do you allow celebrations aboard M2M-1?

We do. However, prior booking is required. Please reach out to us to make your celebration memorable.

What safety precautions are being taken about the coronavirus?

The health and safety of our staff and passengers is of the utmost importance. We have consulted various medical professionals as well as government agencies and implemented comprehensive safety protocols to ensure a safe and sanitized travel experience.

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